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Suite 14
Meadow View House
191 Queens Road

+44 (0)1603 610619

I charge £28 Sterling per hour for research. Costs of other services are detailed throughout this site. Please click here to contact me for more details.


PaypalI now produce an e-mail Newsletter. It goes out every couple of months and contains details of forthcoming events, recommended books and websites, tips and a "this month in history section". If you would like to receive a copy please email me at:

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Alex Orton. Ian Buckingham and Gill Blanchard


Local history research

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Learning about local history is a fascinating end in itself and an integral part of many wider research activities. I take great pleasure in learning about local history, and get even more enjoyment from passing it on to other people. To this end I provide local history research, tours and teaching for a wide variety of people. I have a strong academic background, having studied history to a post-graduate level, and over many years working in archives, as a researcher and as a lecturer I have become adept at sharing my knowledge in a way that is accessible to all levels.

If you are interested in a service please email me at The information on the rest of this page should provide some idea of what I can offer, but getting in touch is the best way to find out.

Local MapAll my services cover a wide variety of topics, including:


My research is tailored to focus on areas of interest specified by the client, for example they may be interested in local trades and the lives of those working in them. My previous commissions include:

Previous topics of research include:

Norwich Bomb MapPeople

Occupations I have researched include:

• Watchmakers
• Dressmakers
• Shopkeepers
• Millers
• Gardeners
• Musicians
• Photographers
• Customs and Excise Officers
• Nurses
• Midwives
• Workhouse Masters
• Schoolteachers
• Apothecaries
• Ship owners
• Mayors
• Doctors

I've also researched broader areas of society, such as; apprentices, sheriffs, freemen, and even 'witches'.



Walking in your ancestors footsteps provides an immediate connection to the past. Tours are a great way to get people interested in an area, they can range from an hour long walk-round, to a tour as part of a wider event. Typical tour subjects include:


My courses teach research skills for local history. This covers where to look for information, how to verify it and the best way of deciding on leads to follow. My courses are run online, through Pharos Tutors, and taught face-to-face.

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